meet amy

What gets me up in the morning?   The still & quiet of the morning, COFFEE,  and the prospect of getting a task list completed! I adore making lists, setting goals and doing everything I can to reach those goals! I  thrive on  organization and keeping it simple.

I am passionate about

people, their talents, and what brings them joy and makes them shine.

This lady is TOTALLY  into - blush pink. It speaks to me.  Nuff said.

I am  wifey to a tall, dark, handsome and supportive man +  mama to 4 high-energy kiddos + daughter + sister to 5 siblings/6  in-laws + auntie to 14. Most precious of all, God’s daughter. 

I absolutely LOVE to travel any chance I get, and adore the inspiration and clarity it brings!   Some of my favorite ventures...Fiji,  Bahamas, Paul Bunyan in Brainerd, Jamaica, and South Africa!

What do I love about photography? Creating a moment that evokes emotion in the subject and creating an image that does the same for the observer!  The opportunity to capture your story and show you the beauty in those moments - in YOU - is an incredible opportunity!  I love to get into the heart of my clients, and photograph + serve them with an amazing experience from start to finish.  I am SO blessed to do what I love!  

dying to know more?

Coffee - Yes, please!

I am horrible with driving directions - my brain just goes eh ehhh.  

I have a love/hate relationship with carbs.

I love to read - and as a girl was grounded from reading for punishment {I love you Mom}.

My #1 love language is acts of service.  Which is also how I love back! 

are you still with me?

Then let's chat! 
I want to get to know you, serve you, and  capture this chapter in your unique story! It will be amazing {yes}.  Fun {for real}. AND a totally amazing experience  {seriously}.   Did I mention amazing?  Head on over to my contact page and let’s connect!